Old Installation Process

Before Installation

Step-1: Connect Your LAN Connection as like below Image

RBC Diagram

Installation Process

Step-2: Download Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC)

  • Please download Reduce Bandwidth Consumption file from here Download. After downloading follow the following step..


Step-3: Download Universal USB Installer & Run

    • 3.1. Please download Universal USB Installer from here Download. After downloading double click on the installer file and it will guide you through the process of installing the software.
    • 3.2. Select the “CentOS” from linux distribution dropdown Menu

Select CentOS

    • 3.3. Browse the Reduce Bandwidth Consumption file (CentOS-RBC-LiveCD.iso) which one you downloaded in step-2.

Browse CentOS RBC Live ISO

    • 3.4. Check/Tick the box “Now showing all Drives (Be Careful)”. Than Select Drive Name of your pendrive.

Select your drive where you want install.

    • 3.5. Finally press the button “Create” and after few minutes install will be finished.

Step-4: At last restart your PC/Laptop and change the boot priority first USB External Device than save & quite. Now your RBC Local PC is ready.