VoIP make a revolutionary changes on communication. It create a new area of business opportunity. Now-a-days, people are more interested to use VoIP for communication. VoIP are taking place on conventional land phone. Both for personal and business reason people are using Voice over Internet Protocol. There are some Solution in the global market that can help you to run a profitable VoIP business. Among these, the most important one is RBC Pro. There are a large number of companies in the market providing such type of software. But, be careful when you are going to select best one. All companies are not providing better bandwidth compression. So, if you apply wrong one (poor quality solution) then of courses there’s a chance of huge loss!

If you use RBC pro, calls quality generally will increases as your termination now requires much lower bandwidth for call termination. RBC pro always ensure you about high quality performance, secure network and bypasses all kinds of firewalls. RBC Pro is self-managed server that’s comes with user friendly web portal. RBC pro the first solution able to reduce your SIM block by its tremendous features.


Without RBC(Kbps)

With RBC(Kbps)

16 499.2 136
24 748.8 204
32 998.4 272)
48 1497.6 408
64 1996.8 544
96 92851.2 816