Unlimited bandwidth is the dream of every vendor within budget, but unfortunately, it’s not always available within budget. One way for services providers are squeezing extra money, on the other hand service quality is also decreasing. To operate a successful business it’s very important to handover your headache to a supervisor like RBC. RBC will not only minimize your cost, but also ensuring QoS with customer satisfaction.

Bandwidth optimization is the important concerns for VoIP providers deal with when VoIP termination business start-up. Since most ISP charge by bandwidth used or have an account limit on bandwidth. Limitation of bandwidth interrupted call quality for VoIP Service provider. Higher cost of bandwidth also minimizes the profit for VoIP Service Provider

RBC bandwidth optimization technique allows multiple voice streams to share a single “trunk”. These simplest bandwidth optimization techniques can reduce bandwidth costs significantly. Owners of extremely high-volume VoIP services are especially diligent, and have been known to employ extreme techniques to save a few bytes per calls.