1. What is RBC?

      RBC is one kind of Bandwidth optimization solution, software for call termination business. You have limited bandwidth & price is higher. RBC will reduce  your bandwidth usage up to 85%. Ensure ACD 6+ and ASR 40%.

  1. Who can use RBC?

     Those people who have GSM / CDMA Gateways they can use RBC for call termination.

  1. What type of technical support are you offering?

     We provide round the clock support to our clients via e-mail and Skype. You can  contact with us via;

     E-mail:  support@rbctechbd.com

     Skype ID:  support.rbctechbd

  1. Can I manage the service myself?

    Yes, you can manage it yourself from the web based portal. You can monitor it from anywhere. You can add new clients. You can also manage origination and termination endpoints and dial plans from here. You can restart RBC Pro server and client when needed from this web based panel.

  1. How RBC Pro help me to lower my internet bills?

    RBC will decrease your bandwidth consumption. Normally you can send one call  by using 31.2 kbps but when using RBC then you can send at least 4 calls by using same bandwidth. So it really helps you to consume your internet bills.

  1. How many days’ trial period & how is the minimum package required for the demo?

     We provide 1 day free trial & our package starts from 16 ports.

  1. Can I monitor live calls and statistics myself?

     Yes! You can monitor live calls and view ASR, ACD, PDD and other statistics from the web based control panel.

  1. Does call quality drop by using RBC ?

     No. RBC is able to increase calls quality with lower bandwidth for call termination.

  1. How much bandwidth need for RBC ?

     Generally, 936 Kbps bandwidth need for per E1/32 port (31.2 Kbps per call)  without RBC.

     But if you use RBC then need only 256 Kbps Bandwidth for per E1/32 port (8.5 Kbps per call).

  1. What soft switch is required to work with RBC Optimizer?

     RBC is compatible with any standard SIP Soft-switch.

  1. Are you providing dedicated server?

     Yes we provide dedicated server.

  1. Are you providing soft Switch with RBC?

    No we are not provide any soft-switch with RBC.

  1. Which gateway is better for RBC ?

    Its works with any type of gateway and VoIP devices i.e. Quantum analogue and   digital gateways, Cisco analogue and digital gateways, Eurotech analogue and digital gateways, GoIP/Dinstar gateways, Suncom gateways and any standard sip devices.