Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC)

VoIP technology makes a revolutionary change in the telecommunication sector. Both for personal and business reason people are using Voice over Internet Protocol. It saves money as well as opens opportunity to use phone in remote area where cable network is not available or very rare. In this industry the main sector is call termination. For terminating call need expensive bandwidth. There are some software in the global market that can help you to run a profitable VoIP business. Among these, the most important one is Bandwidth Saver.

RBC (Reduce Bandwidth Consumption) is such a Bandwidth optimizer, which uses an open architecture with automatic device setup, intelligent software, and delivers real time information. The architecture consists of a scalable and flexible system, so the user can use it without considering geographical barriers. With Reduce Bandwidth Consumption service, you can save bandwidth usage up to 85% and minimize cost significantly. Additionally RBC will ensure the Quality of service, highest level of security & maximum connectivity. Its works with gateway such as GoIP, Dinstar, addpac, Eurotech and any types of sip supported devices.

There are a large number of companies in the market providing such (RBC) type of software. But, be careful when you are going to select best one. Not all companies are providing better bandwidth compression. So, if you apply wrong one (poor quality solution) then of courses there’s a chance of huge loss!