Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBCs)

RBC With New Idea


Reduce bandwidth consumption device

Bandwidth optimization is the important concerns for VoIP providers deal with when VoIP termination business start-up. Since most ISP charge by bandwidth used or have an account limit on bandwidth. Limitation of bandwidth interrupted call quality for VoIP Service provider. Higher cost of bandwidth also minimizes the profit for VoIP Service Provider. Read More…


RBC: Your Termination Supervisor

Reduce bandwidth consumption device

Reduce bandwidth consumption up to 85%
Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC) is such a Bandwidth optimizing technology in termination which uses an open architecture with automatic device setup, intelligent software, and delivers real time information. The architecture consists of a scalable and flexible system, so the user can use it without considering geographical barriers. With Reduce Bandwidth Consumption service, you can save bandwidth usage up to 85% and minimize cost significantly. Additionally RBC will ensure the Quality of service, highest level of security & maximum connectivity.


RBC: Compatibility & Flexibility

Available in CD, Flash Drive…
RBC is compatible with any kind of IP Gateways like Addpac, Dinstar, EuroTech gateways, Quintum analog and digital gateways, GOIP, Cisco, Suncom gateways and any standard sip devices. It will also work with any kind of internet connection like DSL, VSAT, Wi Max and 3G by its innovative solution of compressing RTP.